expressionist artist Tanja Koelemij


 "Twin painting" January 2021

I have started to work on a little commission piece. One I'm really enthousiast about. This client bought one painting and then decided she would like an other, fitting painting to go with the first. Together with the client we designed the second painting, all by email and sending each other pictures with ideas. 

The right one is the finished painting, the left one is just a colored sketch, just to be used as an example. And unfortunately the table is not visible in this picture. I'll place a picture of the finished piece when it is finished, maybe even on her wall!

Portrait on commission December 2021

So I´m a maker off landscape and still life but still I do other work as well. As a matter of fact I have done many, many things. I have worked in decor on windows with clay. And for a period of many years I have mostly painted buildings. Still all in expressionisme. Now I have agreed on a commission of a portrait... I will show you soon!

 Commission piece Tulips  November/December 2021

Working on a commission piece in my little studio. This painting has the measurements of 70x90 cm. This painting has been picked my client to recreate an (original) other painting of mine. The original piece is a lot smaller but I love working big. A bigger piece needs a bigger movement in brushstroke, I think that is great to do. But this piece will be a little different than the original. So not an exact copy. It will be hang in a group other paintings which will include an other work of mine. My client told me she wants a little of my "gekkigheid", I guess it translates in that she wants a little of my craziness! 

I'm showing you the process and my search. I start but then change everything! For me that has never not happened, so totally normal!

Start: It needs more blue in the vase and more yellow or ocher in the painting. And maybe one more tulip but I'm pretty happy withe the result so far. 

Second: Changed everything!

30 August 2021 website Dutch Artsy Souls

I recently joined forces with "Dutch Artsy Souls", a great Dutch artblog and shop. Thank you Kristin!

26 August Werk aan de Muur

The websites "Werk aan de Muur" and "Oh my prints", which sell photos of my paintings", put me in the spotlight, find out more on

5 July Gallery

One of my paintings was bought by a gallery in China. I've shipped it out and this piece will be arriving in China later this week or in the beginning of next week. I hope they will like it!

6 June 2021 New owner 

This (older) work found great new owners this week, happy they are happy!

25 May 2021 Expo Het Volkshuis Leiden till June 12

Because of Covid 19 restrictions my expo in "Het Volkshuis Leiden" (in Leiden, the Netherlands) was closed, now it's open again and you can see 25 of my pieces until the 12th of June! 

27 March 2021 Sold and making a new!

The left piece "Spacious" ("Ruimte"), I made 3 weeks ago and sold 2 weeks ago! Inspired by this and the attention it got because of the online gallery of the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar I started a new! Well I'm not there yet but just wanted to show the proces. I will continue till I find that balance!


15 March 2021 Sold!

 Always great to sell work, these pieces went abroad to Italy, I hope the buyer will enjoy them!

Collecting money (March 2021) A friend of mine, Alida van Leeuwen, is always helping artists and now she is helping to organize raising money for the ALS foundation. I just think she is so wonderful for doing so and I was happy to donate a still life to this initiative. I hope the foundation will collect a lot of money which will help the people with this decease. More info on(  a

At Work Happy to work on commission on a 70x90 cm canvas for a Dutch client. They told me they will hang the piece in the kitchen. Good fit! Though the clients have picked it because of a previous work I had made I'm still making it one off a kind. Let call it painting in series! Now lets hope they will like it!

 Sold! Of course I'm always happy with commissions or to sale work, especially when they get such a beautiful place in Italy in a new home!


February 2021 On the FB page of Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar Yesterday my work "Ruimte" (meaning "Spacious") was picked for the online FB page of the expo of the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. My work with black and white cows in the field I had only finished earlier that very same week! The expo of the Museum "Weids" (meaning Wide) is all about showing landscapes of the north west of the Netherlands (landschappen van Noord-Holland). My work is the one of the 2 paintings picked between a whole lot of pictures!

Expo at Volkshuis Leiden I'm happy I was invited to show 40 pieces of my latest work at Volkshuis Leiden (in the Netherlands). This expo started in November 2020 and will last till the end of January 2021. Of course you are welcome to come and visit. Please check the openings hours and the rules about the Coronavirus regulations on the website of the Volkshuis     


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Painting adventures

I really started my painting adventures many years ago when I first experimented with many, many (many, many) forms and styles of painting and drawing. I mastered several techniques but was it interesting enough and what was I trying to say? I always was passionate about my work and I was fortunate enough to expo my work in several galleries. But later I stopped painting for several years. I felt I was working to forced searching to hard. Two years ago I started again, this time I try less to worry what other people might think of my work solely focusing on my passion!