expressionist artist Tanja Koelemij

                                         Artist Statement

I love to play with combinations of colors. Making it up as I go along. It usually results in work with several layers of thick paint. When I’m at work I always ask myself “how does it feel?” Emotions are an important part of my work. I use my daily surroundings to show them. 

I also think spontaneous movement of a brush makes a painting more enjoyable to look at. And in that movement there is a very direct way of communicating. Emotions in bigger and looser movement. Maybe the picture and shapes created in that way aren perfect but they are more like a fast sketch, not finished, more “open”. So there is more room for the viewer for their own interpretation. 

People tell me they feel comfort, friendliness and joy in my work. That is so great to hear! It is special to me that I can make people feel that way. But I guess in some pieces I’ve also painted other emotions, wonderment, sadness and confusion. Communication is essential to me.

I admire and have been influenced by post impressionism, by Bonnard, Monet and van Gogh. But also by the Dutch painters Jan Sluijters and Vlaming/Dutch Pieter Claesz. And even the early work of another famous Dutch, Mondriaan, I feel like it’s modest and sincere. 

For publicity, sales or commissions please contact me mobile 0031 (0)6 37488553 in the Netherlands.